Giovanna “Gia” Quattrone Flow Artist

Giovanna Quattrone is a talented flow artist who lives and performs on the Outer Banks. She stuns and captivates with a multitude of talents. Her evening performances are dazzling feats of fire and light; including LED hoop dance, fire hoops, fans and wand. In the day she performs multi hoop choreography as the little fairy. She performs with ‘The Fireflies’ group. Schedule a performance and transform your event with the artistry of flow. Want to learn to hoop? Gain physical strength, confidence and grace by incorporating hoop dance into your life; a one on one lesson with Giovanna will help you get into the flow. Hooping combines technical moves with freestyle dancing using hoops on and off the body. It is aerobic exercise that increases cardiovascular health and builds core muscle strength while improving flexibility and balance. Group lessons for birthday parties are so much fun!
Instagram @fire.faerie

Facebook @alittlebizarreperformancearts