Jaye F Torok


Jeanette Gray Finnegan Torok has authored five historical fiction books on the history of Cape Hatteras Island. She writes under the name; Jeanette Gray Finnegan Jr., which is the name on her birth certificate. Jaye, as her friends call her,was born and raised on the island, and comes from a family whose linage begins on the island in the 1600’s. She is part of the Jennette / Gray family, and takes pride in relations with many other island families, like the Millers, who also enjoy lengthy ancestry.

Jaye spent her childhood growing up “island”, and graduated from East Carolina College. She taught Advanced Placement U.S. Government in the Virginia Beach school system, in Virginia, and on retirement came home to live once more. She and her husband Ted, owned and operated the Dolphin Den restaurant in Avon, before opening their newest restaurant The Point. Ted, being the restauranteur, allowed Jaye to begin her dream of reconstructing the total history of the island she loves so much. After at least ten years of research, reading all that was available from “strangers” version of the history, as well as any article previously written in the National Geographic and Life magazines. Her research included books written, now out of print, and loaned to her by natives. She has completed the project in five volumes.

The first two volumes are now in print, and available to buy. The third, “Pirates”, is in publication, with a release date of late fall. “Surfmen and Shipwrecks”, will release summer of 2017, and “Island in Conflict”, by Christmas 2017. The books chronicle the time, 1600 through 1945, the amount of time the island was totally disconnected from the mainland,no bridge, no paved road, no government control of land, and few tourists. The amount of time it was “just us”.