Joe Caroppoli

About Joe…

Known professionally as Caroppoli, he is a Fine Artist in all respects. His skill and versatility in drawing and painting mediums allows him to create a broad range of art. From rendering the beauty and essence of the human figure to capturing and evoking emotion in loose abstract works, Caroppoli has evolved his skills into his own unique signature style. As with most artists, Caroppoli uses his life experiences to evolve his art.

Raised by his grandmother, Anna Julia, Caroppoli credits her for the man he is today. His first recollection of being an Artist occurred in preschool when his teacher declared to the class “we have a future artist in the room” during a finger painting project. He finally was able to place a word for what he had be doing all along- Art.

Throughout high school Caroppoli continued to explore his art through classes offered. He knew he wanted to go to college to hone his artistic skills. However, this would not happen directly after high school. Determination and perseverance would eventually get him to college over a decade later. The discipline to keep striving to attain this goal is credited to his high school basketball and track coach, Dave Bailey. Coach Bailey was a mentor, teacher, and father figure. The skills and lessons acquired through sports would prove to be vital in many aspects of his art.

After graduating from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2004, Caroppoli continued to advance his skills and experiment in various styles and mediums. His works have been displayed in various Museums and Galleries. The following are selected Solo and Group Exhibitions where Caroppoli’s works were display:

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2011 African and Tribal Series, Gallery @ Second, Harrisburg, PA
  • Selected Group Exhibitions2013 Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show, Manteo, NC2013 Frank Stick Memorial Art Show, Nags Head, NC
  • 2010 and 2009 Art of the State, Pennsylvania State Museum, Harrisburg, PA
  • 2010 Harrisburg Past, Present, and Future Exhibition (through Barak, Inc.), Susquehanna Art
  •  Museum, Harrisburg, PA
  •  2010 Barak, Inc. Mural Exhibition, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA
  •  2010 and 2009 Harrisburg Arts Fest, Harrisburg, PA
  •  2009 Open Art Exhibition, WITF Public Television Studio, Harrisburg, PA
  •  2003-2008 Open Art Award Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA

In 2011 Caroppoli and his wife moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A place full of artistic inspiration where Caroppoli always felt more relaxed. This solitude and freedom allows him to create art every day. His style continues to evolve.

In 2012 and beyond, look for Caroppoli art in galleries up and down the East Coast, including the Gallery at Second, Down Creek Gallery on Ocracoke Island, NC, Koru Village in Avon, NC, and the Inn on Pamlico Sound in Buxton, NC. In addition, Caroppoli will participate in various art venues along the Outer Banks. Caroppoli plans to exhibit works through the Florence Biennale. His art was reviewed by an international committee for the Biennale, in which he received a lifetime invitation for this prestigious International Exhibition.  He is a member of the Dare County Art Council. You can always find his most recent work here and on Etsy, Pinterest, and Facebook.