Spinfinite Designs

About Us. . .

Randi & Blake create one-of-a-kind spin-art records, upcycling those old vinyls into brilliant pieces of art.

Blake specializes in awesome wire-wrapped pendants, pins & rings~~with a style all his own, he tries to incorporate something he pulled from the ground or the beach in each piece. it takes about 10 feet of wire to make a single pendant~ really an amazing process to witness.

You can find Randi painting on just about everything~~hats, notebooks, canvas, driftwood, pine cones, skateboards and more. She adds a dotted, swirled, whimsical, colorful touch to everything she creates. She also makes funky feathered hair fascinators, earrings, hula-hoops, and so much more.

You can be confident that all Spinfinite goodies are made with Loving intentions & local/cruelty-free/earth-friendly goods. We love to UPCYCLE (recycling with an artsy twist) as much as possible…staying connected to our roots and living simply is important to us.

We are inspired everyday by the people we meet, sweet music we hear, our touch, life & the world we live in. We just want to share it all with you.

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