Tom Fritz

Tom Fritz has spent his entire life trying to make people laugh. It only took him 48 years to get it in writing. You can find Tom most days running along the beach with his Golden Retriever Summer. He enjoys life on Hatteras with his wife Angel and his daughter. He is grateful for them every day.


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Stories for Boys is a raw, visceral account of the creatures that are men, written in a simplistic form of poetry that promises never to use the word visceral. In this book, you will find rhyming with incredible timing, limericks on how men piss off chicks, haikus written for dudes, and sonnets that could make you vomit. Tales about males you have never read before that will leave the reader laughing and wanting more.

This book may remind you of your Dad, your Uncle, your brother or your husband. Here’s hoping that is a good thing and you share it with them!


Tom Fritz has studied the habits of men for most of his life, considering himself an expert in the field. He has turned his experiences into a book of poems and tales of the male species. He hopes you laugh many times and spread that laughter around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.00.28 AMMy Grateful Write takes a ridiculous look at the things in this world that many people complain about and gives you a reason to be grateful for them. From the smallest things such as the wind and a sunrise, to the largest things like death and dealing with your co-workers, this book will make you look at life differently, laugh at anything and everything, and maybe even question your own sanity.

You will also pick up advice on: getting rid of friends, separating your trash, things to do at a red light, and how to tell strangers you have a social disease.

Enjoy this book, and get out there and laugh while you still can. What are you waiting for? GO!